Advanced Pattern Matching

Wildcard Pattern

released Fri, 15 Feb 2019
Swift Version 5.0

Wildcard Pattern

The wildcard pattern ignores the value to be matched against. In this case any value is possible. This is the same pattern as let _ = fn() where the _ indicates that you don't wish to further use this value. The interesting part is that this matches all values including nil.

You can also match optionals by appending a ? to make it _?:

let p: String? = nil

switch p {

// Any value is possible, but only if the optional has a value

case _?: print (\"Has String\")

// Only match the empty optional case

case nil: print (\"No String\")


As you've seen in the trading example, it also allows you to omit the data you don't need from matching enums or tuples:

switch (15, \"example\", 3.14) {

// We're only interested in the last value

case (_, _, let pi): print (\"pi: \(pi)\")