Advanced and Practical Enum usage in Swift

Stringly Typed Code

released Fri, 01 Mar 2019
Swift Version 5.0

Stringly Typed Code

In bigger Xcode projects, you're quickly accumulating lots of resources which are accessed by string. We've already mentioned reuse identifiers and storyboard identifiers above, but there's also: Images, Segues, Nibs, Fonts, and other resources. Oftentimes, those resources can be grouped into several distinct sets. If that's the case, a String typed enum is a good way of having the compiler check this for you.

enum DetailViewImages: String {

   case background = \"bg1.png\"

   case sidebar = \"sbg.png\"

   case actionButton1 = \"btn1_1.png\"

   case actionButton2 = \"btn2_1.png\"


For iOS users, there's also R.swift which auto generates structs for most of those use cases. Sometimes you may need more control though (or you may be on a Mac 1)