Advanced Pattern Matching

Type Casting Pattern

Type Casting Pattern

As the name already implies, this pattern casts or matches types. It has two different keywords:

  • is type: Matches the runtime type (or a subclass of it) against the right hand side. This performs a type cast but disregards the returned type. So your case block won't know about the matched type.
  • pattern as type: Performs the same match as the is pattern but for a successful match casts the type into the pattern specified on the left hand side.

Here is an example of the two.

let a: Any = 5 
switch a {

// this fails because a is still Any
// error: binary operator '+' cannot be applied to operands of type 'Any' and 'Int'
case is Int: print (a + 1)

// This works and returns '6'
case let n as Int: print (n + 1)

default: ()

Note that there is no pattern before the is. It matches directly against a.